Online Degrees

Online education accessible to all.

Ƶ Online is dedicated to developing high quality, relevant and accessible online courses and programs for Ƶ University. Our experienced Instructional Designers use Industry Best Practices, Blackboard LMS, Blackboard Tools, Publisher Resources, Accessibility Checkers and Web 2.0 Technology to meet the needs of every online student.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ƶ Online Program is a new department responsible for designing a robust online learning environment that will meet the diverse needs of online learning students.

SPO online courses possess the Distance Learning “DL” designation and are developed through Ƶ Online Programs.

“DL” designation is added to an existing course and allows that course to be offered in a distance learning environment and to be developed by Ƶ Online. 

No. Only courses developed by Ƶ Online Programs will have “DL” designation.

An Online Course Development cycle is the systematic process by which Ƶ Online’s instructional designers are paired with subject matter experts (developers/smes) for 8-12 weeks resulting in the creation of Master Shells (Master Courses).   

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Our MBA program offers you the know-how to work within a team and develop your data-driven, decision-making skills in a business setting. The convenient and flexible curriculum allows you to balance work, life, and courses.

M.S. in Business Analytics

This program was designed for working managers and professionals who seek to deepen their industry credentials, data analysis skills and ability to leverage and monetize data in managerial processes and decision making to meet market needs. Offered through Data Science Institute at Ƶ University, the program provides a unique combination of skills and knowledge for managers. 

M.S. in Data Science

Our Data Science program integrates scientific methods from statistics, computer science and data-based business management to extract knowledge from data and drive decision making. Our curriculum provides students with a rigorous course of study in big data technologies, applications and practices a pathway for student internships and full-time employment.

M.S. in Health Science

Our program provides a post-baccalaureate option for students wishing to pursue and/ or advance careers in leadership and education in the healthcare industry. It will allow students from multiple educational and professional backgrounds to leverage a single graduate program of study.

M.A./M.S. in Industrial Organizational Psychology

Our program will provide you with the training to improve organizational performance and the know-how to analyze big data in a business setting. It connects you with dedicated professors, who help you develop your critical thinking skills as well as provide you with an understanding of industrial organizational psychology.

M.S. in Marketing Science

Our program is the premiere marketing science STEM program that leverages the breakthroughs in machine learning using big data and predictive modeling that have revolutionized identification of customers ready to buy. The program provides thought leadership on the transformation of advertising in the areas of consumer psychology, customer analytics and digital marketing. 

Doctor of Education in Higher Education

Our program is designed to prepare mid-career professionals and executives in college, university and government professions to assume high profile leadership positions in administration, academics, student life and research areas of higher education.